Christmas Trees on The Cheap!

admin | December 21, 2008

Sorry, but we are…cheap, I mean. Staggered by the horrific cost of fresh trees this year called for drastic action. Out into the garden with his spade went the man of the house, and returned some time later with a six foot Golden Leylandii, liberated (with roots) from the spot where it conveniently hid the [...]

Heating advice from someone who knows!

admin | December 4, 2008

Got some tips from my propane company today: Heating systems need regular tune-ups. Have your heating system, including venting systems, checked annually by a qualified service technician. Replace your furnace filter monthly. Keep your thermostat set at a constant comfort level-generally between 68° F and 70° F-or consider installing a programmable thermostat to regulate your [...]