Now it’s 2009……..

admin | January 6, 2009

Now that the decorations are down and the dusty bits wiped down with a damp cloth, it’s time to get down to saving time and money again. This year we will be trying to learn from last years mistakes and will update you on any progress …or mishaps! Yoghurt I have just invested in a [...]

Christmas Trees on The Cheap!

admin | December 21, 2008

Sorry, but we are…cheap, I mean. Staggered by the horrific cost of fresh trees this year called for drastic action. Out into the garden with his spade went the man of the house, and returned some time later with a six foot Golden Leylandii, liberated (with roots) from the spot where it conveniently hid the [...]

Feed The Birds..Tuppence a bag..well, a little bit more than tuppence!

admin | December 20, 2008

It’s important!! It’s cold out there, and the birds are hungry. As wild bird lovers, we had to decide whether or not we could justify spending some of our meagre income on feeding them. Wild bird seed can be expensive, and shop bought fat balls are dear. So…our cut price strategy is this! Seeds If [...]