Eggative Nequity Souffle

admin | January 20, 2009

Eggative Nequity Souffle Well, it’s not really a souffle, it’s much simpler, but this dish is so cheap and easy we felt it deserved a mention. It has been known in our family as Eggy Pudding for years, so we felt it deserved a name upgrade to reflect the current economic climate. If you like [...]

Grow Your Own. Is it for you?

admin | January 15, 2009

It seems that every day we are being told to Grow Our Own. There is always an expert around to tell us we too, can be fitter, healthier and wealthier, even if we’ve only got a window box.  Can this be true? We are big fans of grow your own, for the following reasons: We’d [...]

Yoghurt Maker Review

admin | January 11, 2009

Yoghurt Maker Test and Review Well, I waited impatiently for the arrival of my new Yoghurt Maker. I was a bit miffed that it took 6 days to get to me, so I greeted it like a long lost child! Within half an hour, it was unpacked, set up and making it’s first batch of [...]

Now it’s 2009……..

admin | January 6, 2009

Now that the decorations are down and the dusty bits wiped down with a damp cloth, it’s time to get down to saving time and money again. This year we will be trying to learn from last years mistakes and will update you on any progress …or mishaps! Yoghurt I have just invested in a [...]