Spring into the Garden

admin | February 26, 2009

Now it seems that spring is here, snowdrops, crocuses, dwarf irises, catkins, pussy willow, amorous birds..it’s all happeneing out there! This year we aim to keep you up to date with our progress in the veg garden.With the ever increasing price of vegetables, we have decide that we can do without our big lawn. Most [...]

Bread Mix Trials

admin | February 14, 2009

As promised, I’ve been testing different bread mixes. Shop loaves are expensive, and I got fed up with how fast they go off, so now prefer to bake my own. The three most available mixes seem to be Wrights, Allinsons and Supermarket own brands. If you just want plain white or brown bread, then I [...]

Protect your PC for free

admin | February 3, 2009

We all know the Internet is a great place to find information you need, but alas, it also has viruses and spyware.   In this short guide, I’ll tell you where to get a free antivirus program that updates daily to keep you protected and a free anti-spyware program to remove the other threats. Both [...]