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“A lot of household cleaners can be replaced with natural products such as a mixture of 1 to 4 vinegar and water for general purpose cleaning and lemon juice with olive or veg oil for cleaning wood furniture. Better for your health as well.”


Have a look in the cupboard under the sink…..or wherever you keep your cleaning materials. I did, and was shocked at the various canisters, bottles and sprays I had for just about every surface you are likely to find in a modern house. Aghast at my profligacy in the past, I set about clearing it out, and resolutely chucked away old rusty cans (not safe), hardened ends of polishes and dregs of mystery potions that were so old the labels had faded! I then promised myself that I wouldn’t buy one single more bottle of cleaner until I had thoroughly researched some cheaper alternatives.

I am still trialling a lot of things, but will willingly share my hints and tips so far, and also some that I have heard from friends.

Next time you go to the supermarket, apart from washing up liquid, laundry powder, dishwasher tablets, salt and rinse aid, and good ole bleach, the only other items you need to buy for cleaning are:

White Vinegar

Soda Crystals

Bicarbonate of Soda

Borax (available from chemists, if you can’t find it in the supermarket)

Of course, no doubt you will find you need other products occasionally, but for now, these four inexpensive items will do for a surprising amount of cleaning.


Dilute some white vinegar (about 10ml-25ml vinegar to 100ml water) and put it n an old spray bottle. Spray it round the toilet, sink and bath to help remove soap scum and limescale. Rinse well.

Use the same spray on tiles and mirrors to give them a nice shine, polish with a soft cloth. It helps inhibit the growth of mould on the grout, too

Vinegar and bicarbonate of soda mixed in equal parts makes a gentle scouring powder for more stubborn marks. If your bath is plastic, test in a hidden area first

A cup of soda crystals followed by a kettleful of boiling water helps keep basin drains fresh.

Soak some kitchen paper or a cloth in vinegar and wrap it around your taps for a while. Remove, rinse and wipe. Gets rid of limescale.

Put your clogged up shower head in a heatproof jug or basin, and pour over enough hot (not boiling) vinegar to cover the shower head. Leave for several hours and rinse well. The vinegar will eat up the limescale clogging the shower holes.

Squash yout toilet rolls! If you lightly press them ointo an oval shape, it stops people rolling loads off the roll! Try does work!

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