Yoghurt Maker Review

Posted By admin on January 11, 2009

Yoghurt Maker Test and Review

Well, I waited impatiently for the arrival of my new Yoghurt Maker. I was a bit miffed that it took 6 days to get to me, so I greeted it like a long lost child!

Within half an hour, it was unpacked, set up and making it’s first batch of yoghurt. It is a simple machine, consisting of the outer yoghurt maker, and an inner pot with a lid (and an ingenious built in spoon), in which you make the yoghurt.

Simply put in a couple of generous spoonfuls of natural yoghurt,   (I use Longley Farm yoghurt, one of the very few ‘honest’ yoghurts on the market today. I’ve only ever found it in health food shops or Morrisons. It’s delicious, muck free, and very reasonable at around 29p-32p per small pot.)

You only need to buy this once, as you can save a couple of spoons of your home made yoghurt to use as a starter for the next batch.

Add a pint and a half of milk, you can use any milk, but sterilised and UHT doesn’t have to be boiled first, add a couple of spoons of dried milk powder if you like a thicker yoghurt, mix well, pop in the machine, switch on and leave alone for 9 hours. Remove inner pot, leave to cool, open the lid, use the lid holder the other way up as a spoon..and dig in!

It was really easy, and I was pleased with the results for a first time go. My yoghurt was a bit runny, to be honest, but I used semi-skimmed milk, because that was what I has available. Next time, I will use whole milk, and possibly up the yoghurt starter and add a little more milk powder. I like a thicker yoghurt, but this thinner one would probably do very nicely mixed with some milk and fruit puree or honey as a drinking yoghurt.

Taste Test

It’s good! It’s not quite as sharp as the Longley Farm yoghurt, but that may be because it’s thinner. The family approve, even the yoghurt hater said it didn’t taste any worse than any other yoghurt, so I’ll take that as a positive.

I worked out that I will only have to use this about 20 times for it to have paid for itself. It uses very little electricity, as it only gets warm, not hot. Add to that the fact that you will no longer have to rinse out and  dispose of all those little pots, it’s got to be a big thumbs up for the Lakeland Yoghurt Maker, at a very reasonable £23.81 including delivery.

Freshly made yoghurt in the inner pot, with lid and cunning little spoon.

Freshly made yoghurt in the inner pot, with lid and cunning little spoon.

Well, as promised, I tried a second batch using whole milk and I stepped up the amount of milk powder. Result? Lovely yoghurt, much thicker than before. Emboldened by this, I tipped half of it into a sieve lined with a double thickness of butter muslin (cheap and cheerful from your local fabric shop..and so very useful in the credit crunch kitchen). I left it to drain overnight in the fridge….and wow! The thickest, creamiest, ‘greek style’ youghurt imaginable. It is lovely on it’s own, but so thick it will be wonderful on home made fajitas, jacket spuds, or mixed with some chives and used like sour cream. I also think it would work dolloped on to hot or cold desserts instead of cream or ice cream.  This treatment does reduce the yield, but at only around 72p for a whole litre, I didn’t think that draining half and treating ourselves would break the bank. The only problem I can forsee, is that it is so delicious that I could easily eat the lot!

Lakeland have given us permission to put the link here, to save you hunting around if you decide to try it for yourself. It is the Lakeland Electric Yoghurt Maker, Ref 3440.


Lakeland Yoghurt Maker

Lakeland Yoghurt Maker

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